Regency England

A Brief Introduction To The Era

Regency Weddings:

St. George's, Hanover Square

The White Wedding Dress

Early Bridal Prints

Historical Wedding Gowns

Regency Shopping:

Fashion & Fabric

Shoes and Hats

Stores & Shops

It's a Man's World

Regency Fashion:

Regency Colors

The Complexion - Skin Care

Cosmetics & Make-Up

Shopping Malls

Money Makes The World Go Round

The Button Fell Off The Point:

Fencing Regency Romance Style

Regency Romances:

More than 500 Reviews!
Retro Reads: Novels 1999 Or Older
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Comfort Reads - Janice's list

Comfort Reads - Yvonne's list

Regency Author Sylvia Andrew

Regency Author Marian Devon

Regency Author Charlotte Louise Dolan

Regency Author Emma Jensen

Regency Author Michelle Martin

Regency Author Judith Nelson

The Steepwood Series

The Wicked Duke's Feisty Mistress

Spying Rake, Virgin Lady

Regency Lore: Faulty 'Facts' in Genre Fiction

Nonfiction Regency Book Reviews:

Regency Princesses of Wales:
Caroline & Charlotte

Regency society allsorts
Making of Britain: Age of Revolution

The Regency Dandy
Beau Brummell by Ian Kelly

Cultivating the picturesque
Regency Gardens

Introduction to The Town
Regency London

E. B. Chancellor's Life
in Regency and Early Victorian Times

Travel in Regency times
The Regency Road

Regency life below stairs
The Complete servant

Regency self-help & beauty book
Mirror of the Graces

Jane Austen biography & selected letters
My Dear Cassandra

The Prince Regent (George IV) biography Saul David's Prince of Pleasure


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