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Read any good books lately? The flood of literature is steadily growing but the stream
of new
Regencies has slowed to a trickle. Wanting to stick with our favorite era, many
readers are today forced into picking up older books second hand. But what to select?
There is very little information out there regarding books published before the Internet
became mainstream or was even thought of. We, Yvonne and Janice, who have both
been avid Regency fans for more years than we want to admit to, decided to change
all that. Below are some thoughts about books from the Golden Age of the
Regency. We hope these short reviews will aid you in your selection. *

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The Changeable Rose

by Jessie Watson

ISBN: 0821758136

Published December 1997 by Zebra

Back in the days of her London debut, when her father was still wealthy, Miss Clare Winchester had been thought "fast" because of her taste in clothing and the stunts she pulled, such as attending the Cyprians' Ball. She was even said to paint her cheeks and acquired the sobriquet the Changeable Rose. But her father lost all her money and when he died Clare faded from the social scene; thereafter she lived quietly in Edwardes Square with her Aunt Maude.

One day when making one of their infrequent visits to the modiste Madame Claudine, Clare and her aunt encountered a young girl called Evelyn who applied for work and was roundly turned off. Clare took pity on Evelyn and took her home. She learned that Evelyn was the niece of the Earl of Northrup and had run away from home because of things her silly governess Miss Merrow had told her about Northrup being a tyrant. Clare decided to give Evelyn a taste of London and began taking her about.

When he heard about it Northrup was angry at Clare for her presumption in taking Evelyn in. He then heard all about the old gossip from Leticia Marlowe, a former flame who married a wealthier man and was now widowed and after Northrup again. Meanwhile Clare was being pursued by Mr. Tobias Portman, who had also married for money and was now widowed, and Maximilian Newmarch, a very nice man whom Clare liked but could not love. Northrup now thinks "they're all alike" and only after money.

I had mixed feelings about this novel. On the minus side, the various mismatches are not particularly interesting, and Leticia's well deserved consequences will occur offstage. On the plus side, Evelyn's problems were handled with common sense and kindness, about as they might be in real life. At one point she got a crush on Byron, which Clare cleverly demolished by first telling her her about Caro Lamb and mentioning the poet's hobby of collecting locks of hair (she does not say that they're not from the lady's head), and when this doesn't work she tells Evelyn that Byron wears curl papers to bed and bites his nails. That would have cured me too. (Posted by Janice 2/1/22)

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Complete Retro Read List:

Abducted Heiress by Jasmine Cresswell

Absent Wife by Sandra Heath

Accessible Aunt by Vanessa Gray

Advantageous Marriage by Alice Chetwynd Ley

Adverse Alliance by Lucia Curzon (Ellen Fitzgerald)

Affair Of Honor by Candice Hern

All's Fair by Donna Bell

Althea by Madeleine Robins

American Bride by Megan Daniel

Amethyst Love by Rebecca Danton

Annabelle by Marion Chesney

Ardent Lady Amelia by Laura Matthews

Arrogant Lord Alistair by Sheila Walsh

Artful Lady by Sabina Clark (Marianne Willman)

Aunt Sophie's Diamonds by Joan Smith

Autumn Rose by Marjorie Farrell

Avenging Maid by Janis Susan May

Bar Sinister by Sheila Simonson

Baron And The Bookseller by June Calvin

Bath Intrigue by Sheila Walsh

Battling Bluestocking by Amanda Scott

Belle Of Brighton by Georgina Grey

Bellwood Treasure by Lillian Lincoln (Barbara Hazard)

Best Intentions by Candice Hern

Beth by Barbara Hazard

Black Widow by Charlotte Louise Dolan

Blackmailed Bridegroom by Dorothy Mack

Bluestocking by Jane Ashford

Bluestocking On His Knee by Regina Scott

Blackwood Bride by Jasmine Cresswell

Borrowed Plumes by Roseleen Milne

Breath of Scandal by Jeanne Carmichael

Brighton Intrigue by Emma Lange

Brighton Road by Susan Carroll

Brilliant Alliance by Elizabeth Jackson

Byram Succession by Mira Stables

Camilla's Conscience by Sandra Heath / Sarah Stanley

Captain Black by Elizabeth Hewitt (Mary Jeanne Abbott)

Caroline by Jasmine Cresswell

Cassandra by Diana Delmore (Lois Stewart)

Cassandra Knot by Rebecca Baldwin

Cat's Bracelet by Jessie Watson

Celebrated Miss Neville by Barbara Neil (Barbara Sherrod)

Certain Reputation by Emma Lange

Chance Encounter by Emily Hendrickson

Change Of Fortune by Sandra Heath

Changeable Rose by Jessie Watson

Charity's Gambit by Marcy Stewart

Cherry Ripe by Claudette Williams

Choice Of Cousins by April Kihlstrom

Christmas Gambol by Joan Smith

Clandestine Betrothal by Alice Chetwynd Ley

Cleopatra's Carpet by Sarah Carlisle

Cockermouth Mail by Dinah Dean

Colonel's Campaign by Irene Saunders

Contentious Countess by Irene Saunders

Contrary Lovers by Clarice Peters

Cost Of Honor by Emma Lange

Cotton Caliph by Margaret Summerville

Counterfeit Gentleman by Charlotte Louise Dolan

Counterfeit Heiress by Isobel Linton

Counterfeit Widow by Dorothy Mack

Country Cousins by Dinah Dean

Country Girl by Darrell Husted

Country Mouse by Jessie Watson

Cousin Harry by Paula Marshall

Cousinly Connexion by Sheila Simonson

Cousins of a Kind by Sheila Walsh

Courting Of Jenny Bright by Sandra Heath

Cressida by Clare Darcy

Crimson Deception by Therese Alderton

Cupid And The Vicar by Judith Stafford

Cupid's Calendar by Norma Lee Clark

Curious Courting by Elizabeth Neff Walker / Laura Matthews

Cynic by Elizabeth Michaels

Damsels From Derbyshire by Ellen Fitzgerald

Dandy's Deception by Philippa Castle

Dangerous Dandy by Carol Proctor

Daphne by Sarah Carlisle

Dancing On The Wind by Sarah Chester (Marion Chesney)

Dashing Guardian by Lucia Curzon (Ellen Fitzgerald)

Dashing Widow by Carol Proctor

Dauntry's Dilemma by Monique Ellis

Day-dreaming Lady by Jacqueline Diamond

Dear Deceiver by Elizabeth Lynch

Debt Of Honor by Mollie Ashton

Debt Of Honour by Diana Brown

Deception Most Agreeable by Mary Butler

Dedicated Scoundrel by Anne Barbour

Delightful Deception by Nancy Lawrence

Demon Rake by Gayle Buck

Determined Bachelor by Judith Harkness

Devil's Bargain by Marlene Suson

Devil's Own Luck by Petra Nash

Diamond Waterfall by Sheila Walsh

Diamonds And The Arrogant Rake by Anne Hillary (Andrea Edwards)

Different Face by Joan Mellows

Discarded Duke by Nancy Butler

Disobedient Daughter by Barbara Hazard

Dorothea by Catherine Moorhouse

Double Dealers by Helen Tucker

Double Deception by Elizabeth Law

Double Deception by Patricia Oliver

Double Wager by Mary Balogh

Double Wedding by Alix Melbourne

Doubting Lady by Dorothea Donley

Drawing Master's Dilemma by Carol Proctor

Dreadful Duke by Barbara Hazard

Duchess Of Asherwood by Mary A. Garratt

Duke And Mrs. Douglas by Donna Simpson

Duke's Daughter by Melinda McRae

Duke's Disappearance by Margaret Summerville

Duke's Downfall by Jane Lynson

Duke's Gambit by Roberta Eckert

Duke's Revenge by Marlene Suson

Duke's Ward by Samantha Lester

Dutiful Daughter by Vanessa Gray

Dutiful Duke by Joan Overfield

Earl's Intrigue by Elizabeth Todd

Earl's Season by Emma Lange

Eccentric Lady by Jane Lovelace (Dixie Lee McKeone)

Elegant Education by Meredith Leigh/Daisy Vivian

Eligible Bride by Janice Bennett

Eligible Connection by Elsie Lee

Eligible Miss Elliott by Victoria Hinshaw

Eliza by Paula Allardyce / Charity Blackstock

Elizabeth And The Major by Lynn Collum

Elusive Countess by Elizabeth Barron

Emerald Necklace by Diana Brown

Endure My Heart by Joan Smith

Entanglement by Catherine Fellows

Errant Bridegroom by Vanessa Gray

Errant Earl by Marlene Suson

Fair Fatality by Maggie MacKeever

Fair Impostor by Marlene Suson

Fallen Angel by Charlotte Louise Dolan

False Betrothal by Clarice Peters

False Pretenses by Isobel Linton

Fanny by Norma Lee Clark

Felon's Fancy by Sarah Westleigh

Fickle Fortune Hunter by Amanda Scott

Fine Gentleman by Laura Matthews

Fine Silk Purse by Sheila Walsh

Fire Opals by Rebecca Danton

First Snowdrop by Mary Balogh

First Season by Anne Baldwin

First Season by Jane Ashford

Five-minute Marriage by Joan Aiken

Fleeting Fancy by Rosemary Edghill

Forgotten Marriage by Ellen Fitzgerald

Fortescue Diamond by Monique Ellis

Fortune Hunter by Elizabeth Hewitt

Fortunes Of The Heart by Marian Devon

Fourth Season by Anne Douglas

Franklin's Folly by Georgina Grey

French Leave by Maggie MacKeever

Friends At Knoll House by Joan Mellows

Galatea's Revenge by Elizabeth Jackson

Gallant Governess by Pamela Frazier (Ellen Fitzgerald)

Gambler's Daughter by Irene Saunders

Gamester's Daughter by Dorothy Mack

Gamester's Lady by Barbara Sherrod (Barbara Neil)

General's Granddaughter by Dorothy Mack

Gentleman Rogue by Paula Allardyce AKA Charity Blackstock

Gentleman's Choice by Dorothea Donley

Gentleman's Daughter by By Isobel Linton

Georgina's Campaign by Barbara Reeves

Gilded Knight by Donna Simpson

Girl In The Gatehouse by Julie Klassen

Ghost And Lady Alice by Marion Chesney

Golden Thistle by Janet Louise Roberts

Grand Gesture by Holly Newman

Gray Fox Wagers by Martha Jean Powers

Guarding An Angel by Martha Schroeder

Gwendeline by Jane Ashford

Hand Of Fortune by Corinna Cunliffe

Harriet by Joan Mellows

Hasty Marriage by Rachelle Edwards

Headstrong Ward by Jane Ashford

Heartless Lord Harry by Marjorie Farrell

Hearts Betrayed by Gayle Buck

Heir Apparent by Petra Nash

Helene by Leonora Blythe

Her Ladyship's Companion by Joanna Watkins Bourne

Her Ladyship's Man by Joan Overfield

Hero Returns by Catherine Blair

Hero's Welcome by Judith Stafford (Judy Christenberry)

Hesitant Heir by Georgina Grey

Hester by Norma Lee Clark

Hidden Inheritance by Emily Hendrickson

Hired Heart by Pamela D'Arcy

His Heart's Delight by Mary Blayney

Holiday In Bath by Laura Matthews

Honora Clare by Sheila Bishop

House At Bell Orchard by Sylvia Thorpe

Husband for Christmas by Paula Tanner Girard

Ice Maiden by Elizabeth Hewitt

Immodest Proposal by Dena Rhee

Impetuous Heiress by Jane Ashford

Impromptu Charade by Isobel Linton

Improper Companion by April Kihlstrom

Improper Duenna by Paula Marshall

Imprudent Lady by Joan Smith

Impulsive Governess by Barbara Allister

In For A Penny by Margaret Westhaven

In My Lady's Chamber by Elizabeth Neff Walker / Laura Matthews

Incorrigible Rake by Sheila Walsh

Indentured Innocence by Barbara Hazard

Independent Lady by Julia Byrne

Indomitable Miss Harris by Amanda Scott

Inescapable Match by Sylvia Andrew

Infamous Earl by Margaret Summerville

Infamous Fiasco by Susan Michaels (Dawn Aldridge Poore)

Infamous Isabelle by Margaret Summerville (Barbara & Pamela Wilson)

Infamous Attachment by Helen Tucker

Infamous Bargain by Marlene Suson

Innocent Deceiver by Vanessa Gray

Intrepid Miss Haydon by Alice Chetwynd Ley

Irish Earl by Patricia Bray

Irresistible Pursuit by Rebecca Robbins

Irresolute Rivals by Jane Ashford

Isabella by Loretta Chase

Jessica by Sandra Wilson (Sandra Heath)

Jewelled Snuff-box by Alice Chetwynd Ley

Julia's Portion by Ellen Fitzgerald

Kate And The Marquess by Sheila Walsh

Kathleen by Barbara Hazard

King Of Hearts by Katherine Kingsley

Kissing Cousins by Diana Campbell

Knave's Gambit by Margaret Summerville

Lady Angel by Roberta Eckert

Lady Aurelia's Bequest by Sheila Walsh

Lady Barbara by Claudette Williams

Lady Caro by Marlene Suson

Lady Elizabeth's Comet by Sheila Simonson

Lady Hathaway's House Party by Jennie Gallant (Joan Smith)

Lady Hawk's Folly by Amanda Scott

Lady In Disguise by Jacqueline Diamond

Lady Jane by Norma Lee Clark

Lady Jane's Ribbons by Sandra Heath

Lady in Silver by Rebecca Ward

Lady Margery's Intrigue by Marion Chesney (M C Beaton)

Lady Meg's Gamble by Martha Schroeder

Lady Molly by Katherine Talbot (Katherine Ashton)

Lady Nell by Sandra Mireles

Lady Of Breeding by Delia Ellis

Lady of Fashion by Rebecca Baldwin

Lady Of Fortune by Blanche Chenier

Lady Of Letters by Jacqueline Diamond

Lady Of Property by Vanessa Gray

Lady Of Spirit by Edith Layton

Lady Valiant by Freda Michel

Lady with a Black Umbrella by Mary Balogh

Lady's Companion by Carla Kelly

Lady's Point Of View by Jacqueline Diamond

Last Cotillion by Georgina Grey

Last Gentleman Standing by Jane Ashford

Last Waltz by Dorothy Mack

Lasting Attachment by Elizabeth Hewitt

Learned Lady by Joan Overfield

Lissa by Mira Stables

London Season by Patricia Bray

London Season by Joan Wolf

Lonely Earl by Vanessa Gray

Lord Barry's Dream House by Emily Hendrickson

Lord Barton's Honour by Elizabeth Michaels

Lord Buckingham's Bride by Sandra Heath

Lord Carrisford's Mistress by Jasmine Cresswell

Lord Dragoner's Wife by Lynn Kerstan

Lord Freddie's First Love by Patricia Bray

Lord Gilmore's Bride by Sheila Walsh

Lord John's Lady by Gayle Buck

Lord Margrave's Deception by Diana Campbell

Lord Monteith's Gift by Nancy Butler

Lord Of The Manor by Jeanne Carmichael

Lord Randal's Tiger by Elizabeth Chater

Lord Rivington's Lady by Eileen Jackson

Lord Tom by Patricia Wynn

Lord Wakeford's Gold Watch by Paula Tanner Girard

Lord Ware's Widow by Emily Hendrickson

Lord Wicked Wolf by Margaret Summerville

Lord Wildfire by Claudette Williams

Lost Heir by Dorothy Mack

Lost Legacy by Vanessa Gray

Love And Lady Lovelace by Marion Chesney

Lover's Knot by Janet Templeton

Loves Of Lord Granton by Marion Chesney

Madcap Johnny by Jeanne Carmichael

Mallory by Norma Lee Clark

Mally by Sandra Heath

Mama's Disappointment by Judy Christenberry (Judith Stafford)

Man Of Affairs by Anne Barbour

Man Of Consequence by Jane Wilby (Anne Hampson)

Man Of Her Choosing by Nina Pykare

Man Of Honour by Jane Ashford

Managing Female by Beth Bryan

Marchington Scandal by Jane Ashford

Marriage Alliance by Mira Stables

Marriage By Bequest by Elisabeth Carey

Marriage Made On Earth by Sheila Bishop

Marriage Masque by Catherine Fellows

Marriage Scheme by Kathleen Elliott (Karen Harbaugh)

Mary Ashe by Barbara Sherrod (Barbara Neil)

Mask Of White Satin by Barbara Neil (Barbara Sherrod)

Matchmaker's Christmas by Donna Simpson

Matter Of Duty by Sandra Heath

Meddlesome Heiress by Miranda Cameron

Megan by Norma Lee Clark

Men Were Deceivers Ever by Gwyneth Moore / Patricia Veryan

Meddlesome Miranda by Jane Ashford

Midnight Clear by Lynn Kerstan

Mind Of Her Own by Anne MacNeill (Maura Seger)

Minuet by Jennie Gallant (Joan Smith)

Misfit Marquess by Teresa DesJardien

Miss Caroline's Deception by Anne Douglas

Miss Cayley's Unicorn by Elizabeth Chater

Miss Cordelia Harling by Darrell Husted

Miss Dalrymple's Virtue by Margaret Westhaven

Miss Davenport's Christmas by Marion Chesney

Miss Dower's Paragon by Gayle Buck

Miss Drayton's Crusade by Elizabeth Barron

Miss Haycroft's Suitors by Emily Hendrickson

Miss Holland's Betrothal by Norma Lee Clark

Miss Jacobson's Journey by Carola Dunn

Miss Lacey's Last Fling by Candice Hern

Miss Jonas's Boy Charity Blackstock

Miss Lockharte's Letters by Barbara Metzger

Miss Mouse by Mira Stables

Miss Pennington's Choice by Megan Daniel

Miss Philadelphia Smith by Charity Blackstock / Paula Allardyce

Miss Ryder's Memoirs by Laura Matthews

Miss Spencer's Dilemma by Jeanne Carmichael

Misfit Match by Sydney Ann Clary

Mistletoe And Mischief by Patricia Wynn

Mistress Of Astington by Sylvia Thorpe

Mistress To The Regent by Helen Tucker

Mlle. Cecie by Sarah Carlisle

Moment Of Madness by Barbara Allister

Monday's Child by Barbara Hazard

Monstrous Secret by Rebecca Ward

Moonlighters by Paula Allardyce AKA Charity Blackstock

Most Exceptional Quest by Sarah Westleigh

Mourning Bride by Lucia Curzon (Ellen Fitzgerald)

Mr. Mcallister Sets His Cap by Laura Paquet

Much Obliged by Jessica Benson

Mutual Consent by Gayle Buck

My Dear Jenny by Madeleine Robins

My Lady Domino by Sandra Heath

My Lady's Deception by Linda Walker

Myriah by Claudette Williams

Mysterious Heir by Edith Layton

Nabob's Daughter by Janet Edmonds

Nabob's Ward by Evelyn Richardson

No Hint Of Scandal by Sheila Bishop

No Impediment by Mira Stables

Noble Ambition by Elizabeth Albright

Noble Impostor by Mollie Ashton

Nonpareil by Dawn Lindsey

Not Quite A Lady by Sarah McCulloch

Notorious Marquess by Marlene Suson

Notorious Widow by Judy Christenberry (Judith Stafford)

Octavia by Paula Allardyce/Charity Blackstock

Oh Miranda! by Joan Smith

Orphan's Disguise by Vanessa Gray

Out Of The Common Way by Melissa Lynn Jones

Quadrille by Margaret Mayhew

Queen Bee by Barbara Hazard

Queen Of Hearts by Lucia Curzon (Ellen Fitzgerald)

Paragon Bride by Leigh Haskell

Parson's Pleasure by Patricia Wynn

Perfect Fiancee by Martha Jean Powers

Perfect Bride by Sheila Walsh

Perfect Match by Norma Lee Clark

Persistent Suitor by Phyllis Warady

Petronella's Waterloo by Sally James

Phantom Garden by Sheila Bishop

Phyllida by Irene Northan

Pink Parasol by Sheila Walsh

Pippa by Megan O'Connor (Norma Lee Clark)

Place For Alfreda by Elizabeth Chater

Play Of Hearts by Corinna Cunliffe

Poet And The Paragon by Rita Boucher

Poor Relation by Cathryn Huntington Chadwick (Kate Huntington)

Prescott's Lady by Clarice Peters

Prior Attachment by Dorothy Mack

Promissory Note by Rebecca Ward

Prospect Lane by Sarah Nichols (Lee Hays)

Radical Arrangement by Jane Ashford

Rake's Folly by Claudette Williams

Rake's Protegee by Barbara Hazard

Rake's Quarry by Elizabeth Inman (Elizabeth Rehfeld)

Rake's Reform by Anne Barbour

Rake's Retreat by Nancy Butler

Rakehell's Widow by Sandra Heath / Wilson

Rakish Spy by Laura Paquet

Raven Sisters by Dorothy Mack

Rebel In Love by Veronica Howard

Reckless Gambler by Vanessa Gray

Reclaiming Lord Rockleigh by Nancy Butler

Red Jack's Daughter by Edith Layton

Red, Red Rose by Marjorie Farrell

Red Rose by Mary Balogh

Reforming Lord Ragsdale by Carla Kelly

Regency Charade by Margaret Mayhew

Regency Miss by Alix Melbourne

Regency Rose by Miriam Lynch

Regency Rose by Caroline Brooks (Rebecca Baldwin)

Regency Scandal by Alice Chetwynd Ley

Regency Row by Blanche Chenier

Regency Star by Claudette Williams

Reluctant Abigail by Miranda Cameron

Reluctant Bride by Cindy Holbrook

Reluctant Bride by Joan Smith

Reluctant Bridegroom by Sally Martin

Reluctant Cyprian by Diana Campbell

Reluctant Guardian by Jo Manning

Reluctant Duke by Philippa Castle

Reluctant Heart by Lois Stewart

Reluctant Heir by Shirley Callander

Reluctant Heiress by Marlene Suson

Reluctant Heroine by Dawn Lindsey

Reluctant Rake by Jane Ashford

Reluctant Suitor by Megan Daniels

Reluctant Viscountess by Jasmine Cresswell

Repentant Rebel by Jane Ashford

Reputation Dies by Alice Chetwynd Ley

Requiem For A Rake by Freda Michel

Resolute Runaway by Charlotte Louise Dolan (Janice's review)

Righteous Rakehell by Gayle Buck

Rival Heir by Laura Matthews

Rivals Of Fortune by Jane Ashford

Rogue And The Runaway by Mary Jo Putney

Rogue's Delight by Elizabeth Jackson

Rogue's Lady by Marian Devon

Rogue's Masquerade by Margaret Summerville

Rosalba by Sheila Bishop

Ruby Heart by Rebecca Danton

Runaway Maid by Ann Edgeworth

Sabrina by Mary Kingsley (Mary Kruger)

Samantha by Clarice Peters

Sandalwood Fan by Diana Brown

Scandalous Courtship by Barbara Reeves

Scandalous Bequest by April Kihlstrom

Scapegrace by Sylvia Thorpe

School in Belmont by Sheila Bishop

Sealed Knot by Elizabeth Law

Season Of Dishonor by Helen Tucker

Second Match by Emma Lange

Secrets Of The Heart by Mary Balogh

Seducing Sybilla by Madeleine Conway

See No Love by Monette Cummings

Selfless Sister by Shirley Kennedy

Sensible Cecily by Margaret Summerville

Sensible Courtship by Megan Daniel

Servant Of Quality by Eileen Jackson

Set To Partners by Patricia Ormsby

Shy Young Denbury by Audrey Blanshard

Silver Nightingale by Sylvia Thorpe

Silver Shilling by Georgina Grey

Simon's Waif by Mira Stables

Sleeping Heiress by Phyllis Taylor Pianka

Song for a Lady by Jacqueline Diamond

Sophie's Halloo by Patricia Wynn

Speaking Likeness by Sheila Bishop

Sporting Proposition by Elizabeth Hewitt

St. Martin's Summer by Diana Brown

Steadfast Heartby Nora Hampton

Strange And Ill-starred Marriage by Helen Tucker

Stranger Within The Gates by Mira Stables

Streak Of Luck by Ellen Fitzgerald

Substitute Bride by Dorothy Mack

Substitute Bridegroom by Charlotte Louise Dolan

Suitable Arrangement by Rebecca Ashley

Suitable Suitor by Alicia Farraday

Summer At Dorne by Mira Stables

Summer Masquerade by Blanche Chenier

Sweet Doro by Dixie Lee McKeone

Sweet Remembrance by Judy Christenberry (Judith Stafford)

Swynden Necklace by Mira Stables

Tangled Web by Barbara Hazard

Tarrington Chase by Sylvia Thorpe

Tempestuous Petticoat by Mary Ann Gibbs

Temporary Betrothal by Dorothy Mack

Temporary Bride by Julie Tetel [Andresen]

Tempting Sarah by Gayle Buck

Theodora by Caroline Arnett

Thoroughly Compromised Bride by Catherine Reynolds

Three Graces by Jane Ashford

Time To Love by Elizabeth Chater

Tomorrow Comes The Sun by Elizabeth Renier

Torpid Duke by Pauline York

Turn Of The Cards by Georgina Grey

Uncivil Servant by Marian Devon

Uncommon Miss by Melissa Lynn Jones

Unconventional Courtship by Dorothy Mack

Unlikely Rivals by Megan Daniels

Unequal Match by Rachelle Edwards

Unlikely Attraction by Melinda McRae

Unlikely Chaperone by Dorothy Mack

Unlikely Guardian by Carol Proctor

Unofficial Suitor by Charlotte Louise Dolan

Unreasonable Match by Sylvia Andrew

Unromantic Lady by Penelope Stratton

Unsuitable Chaperone by Corinna Cunliffe

Unwavering Miss Winslow by Emma Lange

Unwelcome Suitor by Marjorie DeBoer

Unwilling Heiress by Sandra Heath

Varleigh Medallion by Sylvia Thorpe

Vengeful Viscount by Leigh Haskell

Very Proper Widow by Laura Matthews

Vicar's Daughter by Eva Rutland

Village Spinster by Laura Matthews

Viscount's Lady by Margaret Summerville

Viscount's Revenge by Marion Chesney

Visitor From Vienna by Darrell Husted

Vixen's Revenge / The Lady and the Pirate by Paula Allardyce

Wagered Wife by Wilma Counts

Waltzing Widow by Gayle Buck

Wayward Heiress by Blanche Chenier

Wellington's gold by Carola Dunn

Wicked Guardian by Elsie Lee

Wicked Marquis by Marnie Ellingson

Wicked Wager by Margaret Summerville

Wicked Stepdaughter by Monette Cummings

Widow Aubrey by Sarah Carlisle

Widow For Hire by Margaret Westhaven

Wife For Warminster by Margaret Summerville

Wife Errant by Joan Smith

What Lucinda Learned by Beth Bryan

Whitbourne Legacy by Marjorie DeBoer

Wilderness Walk by Sheila Bishop

Willed To Wed by Wilma Counts

Willful Widow by Evelyn Richardson

Willful Widow by Irene Saunders

Winter Duke by Louise Bergin

Woman of Little Importance by Sheila Walsh

Worth Inheritance by Elizabeth Hewitt

Young Lady Of Fashion by Mary Ann Gibbs

Your Obedient Servant by Elsie Gage

Yuletide Match by Margaret Westhaven

Books by Author:



Joan Aiken
The Five-minute Marriage

Elizabeth Albright
A Noble Ambition

Therese Alderton
Crimson Deception

Paula Allardyce AKA Charity Blackstock (Ursula Torday)
Eliza / Miss Jonas's Boy
Octavia, or The Trials Of A Romantic Novelist
The Moonlighters / Gentleman Rogue
Miss Philadelphia Smith
The Vixen's Revenge / The Lady and the Pirate

Barbara Allister
A Moment Of Madness
The Impulsive Governess

Sylvia Andrew
All titles
An Inescapable Match (Janice's review)
An Unreasonable Match (Janice's review)

Caroline Arnett

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First Season
The Headstrong Ward
The Impetuous Heiress
The Irresolute Rivals
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The Reluctant Rake
The Repentant Rebel
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A Suitable Arrangement

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A Debt Of Honor
The Noble Impostor


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First Season

Rebecca Baldwin
The Cassandra Knot
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Regency Rose (as Caroline Brooks)

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The Double Wager
The First Snowdrop
The Lady with a Black Umbrella
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The Secrets Of The Heart

Anne Barbour (Barbara Yirka)
A Dedicated Scoundrel
A Man Of Affairs
A Rake's Reform

Elizabeth Barron
The Elusive Countess
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An Eligible Bride

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The Winter Duke

Sheila Bishop
Honora Clare / The School in Belmont
A Marriage Made On Earth
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The Wilderness Walk

Charity Blackstock
See Paula Allardyce

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The Hero Returns

Audrey Blanshard
The Shy Young Denbury

Mary Blayney
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Joanna (Watkins) Bourne
Her Ladyship's Companion

Leonora Blythe

Rita Boucher
The Poet And The Paragon

Patricia Bray
A London Season
The Irish Earl
Lord Freddie's First Love

Caroline Brooks
See Rebecca Baldwin

Diana Brown
A Debt Of Honour
The Emerald Necklace
The Sandalwood Fan
St. Martin's Summer

Beth Bryan
A Managing Female
What Lucinda Learned

Gayle Buck
The Demon Rake
Hearts Betrayed
Lord John's Lady
Miss Dower's Paragon
Mutual Consent
The Righteous Rakehell
Tempting Sarah
The Waltzing Widow

Mary Butler
A Deception Most Agreeable

Nancy Butler
The Discarded Duke
Lord Monteith's Gift
The Rake's Retreat
Reclaiming Lord Rockleigh

Julia Byrne
An Independent Lady


Shirley Callander
The Reluctant Heir

June Calvin
The Baron And The Bookseller

Miranda Cameron / Amanda Troy (Mary Kahn)
The Reluctant Abigail
The Meddlesome Heiress

Diana Campbell
Kissing Cousins
Lord Margrave's Deception
The Reluctant Cyprian

Elisabeth Carey
Marriage By Bequest

Sarah Carlisle
Cleopatra's Carpet
Mlle. Cecie
Widow Aubrey

Jeanne Carmichael (Carol Quinto)
A Breath of Scandal
Lord Of The Manor
Madcap Johnny
Miss Spencer's Dilemma

Susan Carroll
Brighton Road

Philippa Castle (Marilyn M. Lowery)
The Dandy's Deception
The Reluctant Duke

Loretta Chase

Elizabeth Chater
Miss Cayley's Unicorn
A Place For Alfreda
Lord Randal's Tiger
A Time To Love

Blanche Chenier
A Lady Of Fortune
Regency Row
Summer Masquerade
The Wayward Heiress

Marion Chesney
Dancing On The Wind (as Sarah Chester)
The Ghost And Lady Alice
Lady Margery's Intrigue
Love And Lady Lovelace
The Loves Of Lord Granton
Miss Davenport's Christmas
The Viscount's Revenge

Sarah Chester
See Marion Chesney

Alice Chetwynd Ley
See Ley, Alice Chetwynd

Judy Christenberry
See Judith Stafford

Norma Lee Clark
Cupid's Calendar
Lady Jane
Miss Holland's Betrothal
Pippa (writing as Megan O'Connor)
The Perfect Match

Sabina Clark (Marianne Willman)
An Artful Lady

Sydney Ann Clary
Misfit Match

Lynn Collum
Elizabeth And The Major

Madeleine Conway
Seducing Sybilla

Wilma Counts
The Wagered Wife
Willed To Wed

Jasmine Cresswell
The Abducted Heiress
The Blackwood Bride
Lord Carrisford's Mistress / Caroline
The Reluctant Viscountess

Monette Cummings
See No Love
The Wicked Stepdaughter

Corinna Cunliffe
Hand Of Fortune
Play Of Hearts
An Unsuitable Chaperone

Lucia Curzon
See Ellen Fitzgerald


Clare Darcy

Pamela D'Arcy
The Hired Heart

Rebecca Danton
Amethyst Love
Fire Opals
Ruby Heart

Megan Daniel
The American Bride
The Sensible Courtship
The Reluctant Suitor
The Unlikely Rivals
Miss Pennington's Choice

Dinah Dean
The Cockermouth Mail
The Country Cousins

Marjorie DeBoer
The Unwelcome Suitor
The Whitbourne Legacy

Diana Delmore
See Lois Stewart

Teresa DesJardien
The Misfit Marquess

Anne/Marian Devon
Fortunes Of The Heart (Janice's review)
The Rogue's Lady (Janice's review)
An Uncivil Servant (Janice review)
All titles

Jacqueline Diamond
A Lady Of Letters
A Lady's Point Of View
The Day-dreaming Lady
Lady In Disguise
Song for a Lady

Charlotte Louise Dolan
The Black Widow (Janice's review)
The Counterfeit Gentleman (Janice's review)
Fallen Angel (Janice's review)
The Resolute Runaway (Janice's review)
The Substitute Bridegroom (Janice's review)
The Unofficial Suitor (Janice's review)
All titles

Dorothea Donley
A Doubting Lady
Gentleman's Choice

Anne Douglas
The Fourth Season
Miss Caroline's Deception

Carola Dunn
Miss Jacobson's Journey / Wellington's gold


Roberta Eckert
The Duke's Gambit
Lady Angel

Ann Edgeworth
Runaway Maid

Rosemary Edghill
Fleeting Fancy

Janet Edmonds
A Nabob's Daughter

Rachelle Edwards
An Unequal Match
A Hasty Marriage

Marnie Ellingson
The Wicked Marquis

Kathleen Elliott
See Karen Harbaugh

Delia Ellis
A Lady Of Breeding

Monique Ellis
Dauntry's Dilemma
The Fortescue Diamond


Alicia Farraday
The Suitable Suitor

Marjorie Farrell
Autumn Rose
Heartless Lord Harry
Red, Red Rose

Catherine Fellows
The Marriage Masque

Ellen Fitzgerald
An Adverse Alliance (as Lucia Curzon)
The Damsels From Derbyshire
The Dashing Guardian (as Lucia Curzon)
The Forgotten Marriage
The Gallant Governess (as Pamela Frazier)
Julia's Portion
The Mourning Bride
Queen Of Hearts (as Lucia Curzon)
A Streak Of Luck

Pamela Frazier
See (Ellen Fitzgerald)


Elsie Gage
Your Obedient Servant

Jennie Gallant
See Joan Smith

Mary A. Garratt
The Duchess Of Asherwood

Mary Ann Gibbs
A Young Lady Of Fashion
The Tempestuous Petticoat

Paula Tanner Girard
A Husband for Christmas
Lord Wakeford's Gold Watch

Vanessa Gray
The Accessible Aunt
The Dutiful Daughter
The Errant Bridegroom
The Innocent Deceiver
A Lady Of Property
The Lonely Earl
The Lost Legacy
The Orphan's Disguise
The Reckless Gambler

Georgina Grey
The Belle Of Brighton
Franklin's Folly
The Hesitant Heir
The Last Cotillion
The Silver Shilling
Turn Of The Cards


Nora Hampton
The Steadfast Heart

Karen Harbaugh
The Marriage Scheme (as Kathleen Elliott)

Judith Harkness
The Determined Bachelor

Leigh Haskell
The Paragon Bride
The Vengeful Viscount

Barbara Hazard
The Bellwood Treasure (as Lillian Lincoln)
The Disobedient Daughter
The Dreadful Duke
Monday's Child
The Queen Bee
The Rake's Protegee / Indentured Innocence
The Tangled Web

Candice Hern
Miss Lacey's Last Fling

Sandra Heath
The Absent Wife
Camilla's Conscience (also as Sarah Stanley)
A Change Of Fortune
The Courting Of Jenny Bright
Jessica (as Sandra Wilson)
Lady Jane's Ribbons
Lord Buckingham's Bride
A Matter Of Duty
My Lady Domino
Rakehell's Widow
The Unwilling Heiress

Emily Hendrickson
A Chance Encounter
The Hidden Inheritance
Lord Barry's Dream House
Lord Ware's Widow
Miss Haycroft's Suitors

Candice Hern
An Affair Of Honor
The Best Intentions

Elizabeth Hewitt (Mary Jean Abbott)
Captain Black by Elizabeth Hewitt (Mary Jeanne Abbott)
A Lasting Attachment
A Sporting Proposition
The Fortune Hunter
The Ice Maiden
The Worth Inheritance

Anne Hillary (AKA Andrea Edwards)
Diamonds And The Arrogant Rake

Victoria Hinshaw
The Eligible Miss Elliott

Cindy Holbrook
The Reluctant Bride

Veronica Howard
Rebel In Love

Cathryn Huntington Chadwick (Kate Huntington)
The Poor Relation

Darrell Husted
A Country Girl
Miss Cordelia Harling
Visitor From Vienna


Elizabeth Inman
The Rake's Quarry


Eileen Jackson
Lord Rivington's Lady
A Servant Of Quality

Elizabeth Jackson
A Brilliant Alliance
Galatea's Revenge
Rogue's Delight

Sally James
Petronella's Waterloo

Emma Jensen
All titles

Melissa Lynn Jones
An Uncommon Miss
Out Of The Common Way


Carla Kelly
The Lady's Companion
Reforming Lord Ragsdale

Shirley Kennedy
The Selfless Sister

Lynn Kerstan
A Midnight Clear
Lord Dragoner's Wife

April Kihlstrom
A Choice Of Cousins
An Improper Companion
A Scandalous Bequest

Katherine Kingsley
King Of Hearts

Mary Kingsley (AKA Mary Kruger)

Julie Klassen
The Girl In The Gatehouse


Emma Lange
Brighton Intrigue
A Certain Reputation
Cost Of Honor
The Earl's Season
A Second Match
The Unwavering Miss Winslow

Elizabeth Law
The Double Deception
Sealed Knot

Nancy Lawrence
Delightful Deception

Edith Layton
Lady Of Spirit
The Mysterious Heir
Red Jack's Daughter

Elsie Lee
An Eligible Connection
The Wicked Guardian

Meredith Leigh
See Daisy Vivian

Samantha Lester
The Duke's Ward

Alice Chetwynd Ley
An Advantageous Marriage
The Clandestine Betrothal
The Intrepid Miss Haydon
The Jewelled Snuff-box
A Regency Scandal
A Reputation Dies

Lillian Lincoln
See Barbara Hazard

Dawn Lindsey
The Nonpareil
The Reluctant Heroine

Isobel Linton
A Gentleman's Daughter
An Impromptu Charade
False Pretenses
The Counterfeit Heiress

Jane Lovelace
See Dixie Lee McKeone

Elizabeth Lynch
Dear Deceiver

Miriam Lynch
A Regency Rose

Jane Lynson
The Duke's Downfall


Dorothy Mack
The Blackmailed Bridegroom
The Gamester's Daughter
The Counterfeit Widow
The General's Granddaughter
The Last Waltz
The Lost Heir
A Prior Attachment
The Raven Sisters
The Substitute Bride
A Temporary Betrothal
An Unconventional Courtship
The Unlikely Chaperone

Maggie MacKeever
Fair Fatality
French Leave

Anne MacNeill
See Maura Seger

Jo Manning
The Reluctant Guardian

Paula Marshall
Cousin Harry
An Improper Duenna

Michelle Martin
All titles

Sally Martin
The Reluctant Bridegroom

Laura Matthews (Elizabeth Neff Walker)
The Ardent Lady Amelia
A Curious Courting
A Fine Gentleman
A Rival Heir
Holiday In Bath
In My Lady's Chamber
Miss Ryder's Memoirs
The Village Spinster
A Very Proper Widow

Janis Susan May
The Avenging Maid

Margaret Mayhew
Regency Charade

Sara/Sarah McCulloch
Not Quite A Lady

Melinda McRae
The Duke's Daughter
Unlikely Attraction

Dixie Lee McKeone
Eccentric Lady (as Jane Lovelace)
Sweet Doro

Alix Melbourne
Double Wedding
Regency Miss

Joan Mellows
A Different Face
Friends At Knoll House

Barbara Metzger
Miss Lockharte's Letters

Elizabeth Michaels
The Cynic
Lord Barton's Honour

Susan Michaels (Dawn Aldridge Poore)
An Infamous Fiasco

Freda Michel
Lady Valiant
Requiem For A Rake

Roseleen Milne
Borrowed Plumes

Sandra Mireles
Lady Nell

Gwyneth Moore
See Patricia Veryan

Catherine Moorhouse


Petra Nash
The Devil's Own Luck
Heir Apparent

Elizabeth Neff Walker
See Laura Matthews

Barbara Neil (Barbara Sherrod)
The Celebrated Miss Neville
The Gamester's Lady
Mary Ashe (as Barbara Sherrod)
Mask Of White Satin

Judith Nelson
All titles

Holly Newman
A Grand Gesture

Sarah Nichols (Lee Hays)
Prospect Lane

Irene Northan


Megan O'Connor
Norma Lee Clark

Patricia Oliver
Double Deception

Patricia Ormsby
Set To Partners

Joan Overfield
The Dutiful Duke
Her Ladyship's Man
The Learned Lady


Laura Paquet
Mr. Mcallister Sets His Cap
A Rakish Spy

Clarice Peters
Contrary Lovers
The False Betrothal
Prescott's Lady

Phyllis Taylor Pianka
The Sleeping Heiress

Martha Jean Powers
The Gray Fox Wagers
The Perfect Fiancee

Carol Proctor
The Dangerous Dandy
The Dashing Widow
The Drawing Master's Dilemma
An Unlikely Guardian

by Mary Jo Putney
The Rogue And The Runaway

Nina Pykare
A Man Of Her Choosing



Barbara Reeves
Georgina's Campaign
A Scandalous Courtship

Elizabeth Renier (Betty D. Baker)
Tomorrow Comes The Sun

Catherine Reynolds
The Thoroughly Compromised Bride

Dena Rhee
An Immodest Proposal

Evelyn Richardson
The Nabob's Ward
The Willful Widow

Rebecca Robbins
An Irresistible Pursuit

Janet Louise Roberts
The Golden Thistle

Madeleine Robins
My Dear Jenny

Eva Rutland
The Vicar's Daughter


Irene Saunders
The Colonel's Campaign
The Contentious Countess
The Gambler's Daughter
The Willful Widow

Martha Schroeder
Guarding An Angel
Lady Meg's Gamble

Amanda Scott
The Battling Bluestocking
The Fickle Fortune Hunter
The Indomitable Miss Harris
Lady Hawk's Folly

Regina Scott
The Bluestocking On His Knee

Maura Seger
A Mind Of Her Own (as Anne MacNeill)

Barbara Sherrod
See Barbara Neil

Sheila Simonson
The Bar Sinister
Cousinly Connexion
Lady Elizabeth's Comet

Donna Simpson
The Duke And Mrs. Douglas
The Gilded Knight
A Matchmaker's Christmas

Joan Smith
Aunt Sophie's Diamonds
A Christmas Gambol
Endure My Heart
Imprudent Lady
Lady Hathaway's House Party)
Minuet (as Jennie Gallant)
Oh Miranda!
Reluctant Bride
Wife Errant

Mira Stables
The Byram Succession
Marriage Alliance
Miss Mouse
No Impediment
Simon's Waif
Stranger Within The Gates
Summer At Dorne
The Swynden Necklace

Judith Stafford (Judy Christenberry)
The Cupid And The Vicar
A Hero's Welcome
Mama's Disappointment (as Judy Christenberry)
The Notorious Widow (as Judy Christenberry)
Sweet Remembrance (as Judy Christenberry)

Sarah Stanley
See Sandra Heath

Lois Stewart
A Reluctant Heart
Cassandra (as Diana Delmore)

Marcy Stewart
Charity's Gambit

Penelope Stratton
The Unromantic Lady

Margaret Summerville (Pamela Wilson & Barbara Wilson)
The Cotton Caliph
The Dukes Disappearance
The Infamous Earl
Infamous Isabelle
Knave's Gambit
Lord Wicked Wolf
The Rogue's Masquerade
The Viscount's Lady
The Wicked Wager
Sensible Cecily
A Wife For Warminster

Marlene Suson
Devil's Bargain
The Duke's Revenge
The Errant Earl
The Fair Impostor
An Infamous Bargain
Lady Caro
The Notorious Marquess
The Reluctant Heiress


Katherine Talbot (Katherine Ashton)
Lady Molly

Phyllis Taylor Pianka
The Sleeping Heiress

Paula Tanner Girard
See Girard

Janet Templeton
Lover's Knot

Julie Tetel [Andresen]
The Temporary Bride

Sylvia Thorpe
The House At Bell Orchard
Mistress Of Astington
The Scapegrace
The Silver Nightingale
Tarrington Chase
The Varleigh Medallion

Elizabeth Todd
The Earl's Intrigue

Ursula Torday
See Paula Allardyce

Helen Tucker
An Infamous Attachment
A Mistress To The Regent
A Strange And Ill-starred Marriage
The Double Dealers
Season Of Dishonor



Patricia Veryan
Men Were Deceivers Ever (as Gwyneth Moore)

Daisy Vivian AKA Meredith Leigh
An Elegant Education


Elizabeth [Neff] Walker
Laura Matthews

Linda Walker
My Lady's Deception

Sheila Walsh
The Diamond Waterfall / Cousins of a Kind
The Arrogant Lord Alistair / A Woman of Little Importance
Bath Intrigue
The Incorrigible Rake
Kate And The Marquess
Lady Aurelia's Bequest
Lord Gilmore's Bride / A Fine Silk Purse
The Perfect Bride
The Pink Parasol

Phyllis [Ann] Warady
The Persistent Suitor

Rebecca Ward
Lady in Silver
A Monstrous Secret
The Promissory Note

Jessie Watson
The Changeable Rose
The Country Mouse
The Cat's Bracelet

Margaret Westhaven
In For A Penny
Miss Dalrymple's Virtue
Widow For Hire
Yuletide Match

Sarah Westleigh
A Most Exceptional Quest
Felon's Fancy

Jane Wilby (AKA Anne Hampson)
Man Of Consequence

Claudette Williams
Cherry Ripe
Lady Barbara
Lord Wildfire
A Rake's Folly
Regency Star

Sandra Wilson
See Sandra Heath

Joan Wolf
A London Season

Patricia Wynn
Lord Tom
Mistletoe And Mischief
The Parson's Pleasure
Sophie's Halloo



Pauline York
The Torpid Duke


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What are Regency Romances?

Regency Romances, or Regencies for short, are historical novels with a strong romantic element set in Great Britain during the Regency era of the Georgian period. The leading figures were the Prince Regent, the future George IV (by his cronies referred to as Prinny), the dandy Beau Brummel, the poet Lord Byron and the Grande Dames of the era that despotically ruled the holy of holies - Almack's, and in actuality the whole ton. Traditional Regencies are often comedies of manners, the characters are aristocrats or of the landed class (the Gentry), sexual content is low and emphasis is placed on the historical setting. Georgette Heyer is archetypical of the genre, some say she invented it.

Please note that we will from time to time also review more recently published books if we consider they may appeal to lovers of the traditional Regency genre.

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