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What is the name of my hibiscus?

hibiscus by Yvonne Forsling

I go to the grocery store to buy food, nothing else. Then I see this wonderful yellow double hibiscus at the checkout. I can't resist. Then I tell my best friend that lives 30 miles from here about my new hibiscus. "But what does it look like," she asks in desperation while I try to find words. But, if I tell her I have bought a new rose for the garden, then that is a different story. "What kind did you buy," she asks. "A Peace," I say. "Ah!" Would it not be wonderful to be able to have the same exchange about hibiscus? But now you can!

Below are grouped some different hibiscus hybrids more or less commonly available in Europe. They are grouped according to color.


Red Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus

Yellow Hibiscus

Orange Hibiscus

Multicolored Hibiscus

Unidentified Varieties

Picture clockwise start top: The real Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (species plant), Columbine and Athene