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hibiscus by Yvonne Forsling

Useful links to other hibiscus sites. Warning! Some of these shows hibiscus like you have never seen them before. Try not to drool on the keyboard!

American Hibiscus Society Nomenclature database of namned varieties.

Tropical Hibiscus Tom Miller, USA. Lots of flower show pictures.

American Hibiscus Society Official Web Site, USA.

Australian Hibiscus Society Official Web Site, Australia.

Hibiscus Society of Queensland Inc. Official Web Site, Australia.

Graff Commercial grower, Denmark. Pictures and names of common European hybrids.

Barry Schlueter Hybridizer, USA. Lots of classy hybrids and well worth a visit!

JE Ludick's Hibiscus Hybridizer, USA

The World of Hibiscus Australian site by Ganmor Hibiscus.

Merveilleux Hibiscus French site with many European cultivars.

Or meet other hibiscus fanciers on the Hibiscus Mail List. To subscribe just email THML-subscribe@yahoogroups.com